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    The entire range of PCA products is equipped with the latest generation of Intelligent Sensors for Environmental Monitoring, Military / Civil Security and Quality Control.



OlfoSense® is a versatile tool for environmental monitoring, air monitoring and odor monitoring on large territorial scales, to be installed at the sources of odor emissions or at the perimeter of chemical plants, petrochemical plants or composting plants. OlfoSense® is an "Intelligent Multi Sensor Array" and it's born from our research and development team, in close  collaboration with Airsense Analytics. The...

SMIT Software

SMIT is a web platform gathering data from Olfosense units deployed on emission sources and from the meteo station. Based on the hybrid Gaussian model ISC AERMOD (U.S. EPA), SMIT displays the dispersion plume of odour and other compounds emitted by critical sources.