Artificial nose for odor, perfume and air quality control

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PEN3, the Electronic Nose, is a small and fast odor monitoring and recognition system for gases and gas mixtures.

PEN3 finds its use for Quality Control in a wide range of sectors: food, chemical, pharmaceutical industries (quality control purposes). In these sectors, it is important that the finished product meets precise standards: the PEN3 electronic nose is able to control, for example, the expiry date of food and other foods and substances.

Detection is performed by means of an array of gas sensors. Single compounds or mixtures of gases can be identified after a training step by using the pattern generated by the sensors.

PEN3 is equipped with 10 individually thermoregulated MOS sensors capable of simulating a human nose and the entire mental process of human classification, recognition and olfactory imprint of an odorous emission.

Identification is possible following a training phase, using the model generated by the sensors.
Using multivariate calculation algorithms, the tool is able to recognize different odors, perform a monitoring of olfactory and odor harassment and can provide both qualitative (such as "good-bad", "yes-no") and quantitative answers, depending on of the user's needs.

Thanks to its particular sampling strategy, PEN3 can be used in the laboratory, in mobile environmental applications and online for the control of the production process, for olfactometric measurements.

Recently, PEN3 is used in the study of tumor detection (specifically, ovarian cancer).


The Instruments Division of our company is committed in saling worldwide products for Environmental Air monitoring, Quality control and Safety.
We support clients through our sale offices located in the major italian cities, and we provide trainings for users.

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