Devices for civil and industrial waters

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Water Quality and Monitoring

We offer products and systems for water analysis and monitoring. Qualitative and quantitative monitoring of surface water, waste water and groundwater.

   Our devices stand out in: level probes, multiparametric probes (up to 7 parameters in simultaneous reading), ultrasonic and radar     level transducers

All sensors can be interfaced with acquisition and transmission systems already present or supplied complete with all the necessary accessories (power supply systems, communication interfaces, etc.).



The basic level probe measures:

  • Temperature
  • Level of the water
The multi-parameter probe has the same characteristics as the basic probe, with the addition of electrodes for the measurements of:  
  • Temperature
  • Level of the water
  • pH
  • conductivity
  • Redox potential
  • Dissolved potential
  • Oxygen
  • Turbidity


Instrument capable of measuring the hydrometric level of a mirror water.    Available in 3 versions:    

Radar level transducer measures the water level by emitting radar pulses towards the surface of interest and detecting the return echoes.
Water level transducer measures the water level using the pressure exerted by the latter. A tube (ø 6 mm) for compressed air is lowered into the river bed, or into the basin, of which the level is to be known. The tube is emptied with a stream of air, then the instrument measures the pressure differential exerted by the water.
Hydrometric level transducer emits ultrasonic frequency pulses towards the surface of interest and detects the return echoes (usable both for levels in surface water and in closed or open tanks)


The Instruments Division of our company is committed in saling worldwide products for Environmental Air monitoring, Quality control and Safety.
We support clients through our sale offices located in the major italian cities, and we provide trainings for users.

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