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    The entire range of PCA products is equipped with the latest generation of Intelligent Sensors for Environmental Monitoring, Military / Civil Security and Quality Control.



PEN3 is the essential electronic nose for food and pharmaceutical industries (quality control purposes) as well as for environmental monitoring (recognition of emitting sources). PEN3 is a small, fast and robust identification system for gases and gas mixtures. Detection is performed by means of an array of gas sensors. Single compounds or mixtures of gases can be identified after a training step...


EDU desorber is used to increase the sensitivity and discriminating power of analytical systems. It drastically reduces the measurement time due to the enrichment on Tenax (or other absorbent material) of the volatile compounds emitted by the sample. EDU3 is used as a support for PEN3 e-nose. It is highly recommended for readings on low emission products or with high concentrations...